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What is Pastel  (NAGOMI)  Art?

"Pastel  (NAGOMI) Art" is a transparent feeling created by combining the gentle and warm tone that is a characteristic of pastel materials and the simple and unique technique of powdering it and drawing it with your fingers. It's a kind and comfortable art.


Under the theme of "Toward the realization of a healthy and harmonious social environment," "Pastel  (NAGOMI) Art" is "Everyone from children to the elderly can clean and easily take about 20 minutes per sheet." We are promoting "artwork that calms the mind, awakens to hope-HOPE-, and makes you feel healthy and healthy" and creates "memorable work".

It's very easy to draw! !!

It is an art that anyone, from small children to grandpas and grandmas, can easily enjoy because the pastel is powdered and rolled up like a coloring book using fingers and cotton.

Features and charm of pastel Nagomi art

・ Even those who are not good at drawing can easily write.

・ You can discover a new self and you will like yourself.

・ You will gain confidence.

-Since it stimulates the brain using fingers, it is also effective in preventing Alzheimer's disease.

-You can create soft and gentle expressions such as light, wind, flowers, and landscape with warm colors.

・ You can decorate it on the same day.

・ You will be pleased with the one and only work in the world as a gift for your loved ones.

-Since there are no rules, you can express it freely.

​JPHAA Pastel Nagomi Art  Adv Instructor 🇯🇵

​           Mayumi Konuma

                            Certification  2016/9/28

Lessons at ZOOM

Anyone who understands English and Japanese can take this course.


  Course menu



1 day experience course


From beginners to advanced users

We have various themes available ⭐︎



・ Draw two pictures in two and a half hours.

・ You can also receive it online! With a computer with a camera, iPad, smartphone stand, etc.

Please prepare so that you can see your hand.

・ You can also participate in a group of friends. Up to 5 people.

・ One-on-one lessons are also held at any time.

(If you wish, please let us know at the time of application)

・ Advance transfer and reservation required.

   5,500 yen

(tax included, including art supplies costs)

3 times ticket course

▪︎ Please take the lesson within 3 months from the first lesson.

▪︎ Relax and draw two pictures in two and a half hours.


   15,000 yen (tax included)

5 times ticket course

▪︎ Please take within half a year from the first lesson.

▪︎ Relax and draw two pictures in two and a half hours.


   25,000 yen (tax included)

Half-year courseThe best deal in the course)

▪︎ Semi-annual course 3-4 times a month.

▪︎ Draw 2 sheets in 2 hours.

▪︎ Those who want to make pastel a hobby.

▪︎ Those who are not instructors but want to learn pastel easily.

▪︎ If you take this course, you can take the quasi-instructor training course from 55,000 to 36,000 yen (tax included). (Association certification fee, set of painting materials separately)

▪︎ Save up to 33,000 yen up to 4 times a month! !!



   99,000 yen (tax included)

Semi-instructor training course

For those who want to convey the joy of pastel art to the people around them and teach them ❤︎

[If you get a qualification, you can do this kind of activity]

・ You can convey the joy of drawing to the people around you.

・ Pastel classes, workshops and events can be held.

・ Even if you have small children, you can teach at home, which is compatible with housewives.

・ Those who cannot work outside for some reason can open a classroom at home.

・ You can learn the technique of pastel softening art.

・ You will have more time to communicate while teaching your children, friends, grandpa, and grandma.

・ Exhibitions and artist activities are possible.

・ Education and welfare-related people can also incorporate it into their work and make use of it.

■ Course content

Draw 21 works in total for about 20 hours! !!


■ Basic usage and techniques of pastel

・ Draw a "circle"


■ Expand the expression of pastel

・ Draw "four seasons" (spring, summer, autumn, winter)

・ Draw "nature" (sky, sea, flowers, forests, celestial bodies)

・ Draw a "scent" (smell the aroma and imagine it)

・ Draw "music" (draw with the image of music while listening to the song)


■ Expanding pastel expressions (advanced edition)

・ Draw a "heart" (anger, sadness, suffering)

・ Draw a "heart" (hope, affection, passion, prayer)

・ "Message art" (encouragement / empathy)


Other activities to popularize “pastel Nagomi art”

Learn about activities as an instructor.

[Tuition fee] 50,000 yen

3-day short-term intensive course

7 hours x 3 days (Example: 9:30 to 17:00, break 30 minutes)

Make a reservation for the first desired date, and consult and decide after the second time!



[Re-attendance] 40,000 yen

20% discount on tuition fees



* Please contact us as we will adjust it according to your wishes.

(Example) I would like to take 3 lessons in 7 days, etc ...

◾️ Other expenses

Teaching material fee 10,000 yen, association certification registration fee 10,000 yen

* If you do not wish to qualify as a quasi-instructor, you do not need to apply for qualification to the association.

 * Those who apply for a quasi-instructor are required to submit three assignments and a report to the association after the course. Those who have completed the program will receive a "Certificate of Completion" and a "Semi-Instructor Certificate" from the Association at a later date.

* After being certified as a quasi-instructor, you will be certified as a regular instructor by taking the higher-level certification "1 Day Schooling" held by Professor Hosoya, the representative of the Pastel Peace Art Association.

* If you become a regular instructor, you can hold a training course at home.



[Cost after obtaining qualification]

No annual membership fee required (permanent benefit for certified registrants by the end of 2021)


70,000 yen (tax included)​

[About reservation]

The lesson date is decided by consulting by email.


Please let us know the day that is convenient for you when you apply.

[Payment method]

credit card

A 3.6% charge for peypal will be added.

We will send you an invoice for payment by email after your reservation is confirmed.

The language of the course will be taught in Japanese and simple English.




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